how to keep my dog cool in the summer
How to Keep my Dog Cool in the Summer

You probably already have some tricks to keep yourself cool during the summer, but your pup needs your help to do the same! It can seem like a lot to manage when your furry friend has a lot of fur and energy and you have little time in the day! Thankfully, there are ways th...

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ways to feed your dog healthier food
Easy Ways to Feed a Dog Healthier Food

Every now and then, you’ll probably succumb to feeding your dog a few nibbles of human food. Honestly, it has got to be impossible to say no to those adorable doggy eyes! Still, while your pup might enjoy those tasty scraps in the moment, these foods are not ideal for your ...

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how often should i wash my outdoor dog
How Often Should I wash my Outdoor Dog?

Dogs are some of the happiest creatures around. And they’re ready to snuggle with you at the nearest opportunity. But sometimes, a dog with a big personality comes with an equally significant smell. Some days before it’s petting time, it’s bathing time. This is especially t...

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what causes itchy skin for dogs
What Causes Itchy Skin for Dogs and Way's to Beat the Itch

You’ve noticed an odd tic in your dog. A few scratches are no big deal, but your dog just keeps going and going. Your dog can have the best health, and you can give it regular exercise. But you can still observe some health problems with your fuzzy friend. And few condition...

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understanding your dogs needs
Helpful Tips to Better Understand Your Dog's Needs

Have you ever wondered what your dog was really trying to tell you? Do they seem uncomfortable around strangers? Or does your dog just love to cuddle? Is their appetite dwindling, or are they suffering from a stomachache? These are questions that every pet parent has now an...

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how to know what your dog is trying to tell you
5 Signs Your Dog Is Trying to Tell You Something

Whether it’s words or actions, we all communicate. We have different vocal tones which convey how we’re feeling about something. We also communicate through body language, whether we intend to or not. And so do dogs! Dogs have multiple signals that they want something from ...

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best dog parks near me
How to find the best dog parks near you

You’re ready to go outside with your dog and your dog is super excited to go outdoors. But you realize you don’t have anywhere to take him, and you may even want your dog to roam free. That’s where dog parks come in! But finding a good dog park can be hard if you can even f...

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How to wash your dog
The best ways to wash your dog, according to experts

Bath time again! Bathing your fuzzy friend can either be a fun time or a bad time for everyone. This world has few greater forces than a wet and stressed dog. So the experts have some advice to help bath time remain fun, even if you’re a new dog owner or have a particularly...

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how to freshen dogs breath
How to freshen your dog's breath with these easy tips

We, as pet parents, love our pets with our whole hearts. But sometimes dogs can have bad breath that will not go away. You may feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work. We at Friday’s dogs have a few dental care tips to help your dog’s breath stay fresh a...

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ways to keep your dog happy and healthy
Top tips for keeping your dog healthy and happy

If you’re a dog owner, we’re sure you already know the most important priority: keeping your dog healthy and happy. Sometimes, especially if you’re a first-time pet parent, that can be easier said than done. All of our furry friends are different and have individual demeano...

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