Easy Ways to Feed a Dog Healthier Food

ways to feed your dog healthier food

Every now and then, you’ll probably succumb to feeding your dog a few nibbles of human food. Honestly, it has got to be impossible to say no to those adorable doggy eyes! Still, while your pup might enjoy those tasty scraps in the moment, these foods are not ideal for your dog’s health and well-being in the long run. 

Ideally, you should limit these kinds of snacks and try to introduce healthy foods into your dog’s diet. By introducing your dog to healthier food choices, you can actively decrease your dog’s risk for obesity and other health complications that could pop up down the road. Some dog owners take the opposite approach entirely. They avoid table scraps and make it their mission to feed their dogs only healthy foods that surpass the average brand of dog food. In fact, they go as far as to make their own homemade foods with their dog in mind. 

While it takes more effort than buying a bag from the store, homemade dog food can make your dog’s health good! If you’re like most, you’re likely looking for a happy medium between homemade doggy food and the cheap bag at the store. Good news! There is a balancing act to this madness! 

If you’re ready to introduce your dog to healthy food, here are five easy ways to feed your dog healthy foods that they might not be that crazy about!


Look For Nutritional Foods That Are Tasty To Your Dog

When you’re shopping for dog food, look for brands that contain natural ingredients, especially those that are packed with protein! Dogs are carnivores, meaning most of their diet should be composed of meat. In the wild, dogs also eat some vegetables and fruits. Aim to find dog food brands that work in organic meats, fruits, and vegetables into their mixes so your dog has all the nutrition they need to stay healthy. 

Some lean meats to look out for in dog food brands include chicken, salmon, sardines, turkey, and pork. For fruits, know that some fruits are not dog-friendly. Look for low-glycemic fruits like blueberries and pumpkin to prioritize your dog’s health. 

Remember that your dog’s tolerance for sweets may be greater if they are a larger breed and get frequent exercise. Aim to use moderation in these cases, but you don’t have to be too strict! Look for brands that contain healthy ingredients you KNOW your dog enjoys, so they’re more inclined to eat! 

Don’t get your dog any old dog food from the store, or go to the opposite extreme and puree sweet potatoes for hours. Instead, look for brands that include healthy, dog-friendly human foods in their ingredients. Look out for dog foods that contain healthy, dog-friendly ingredients. Ingredients like organic salmon, sweet potatoes, and peanut butter are all good options. 

These foods are healthy for your darling pup. They don’t contain any of the not-so-lovely food coloring and chemical components that other dog food brands often include in their mixes. 


Include Sweet Ingredients When Necessary 

If your dog is struggling to eat healthy dog food or appropriate portions of human foods, try putting a spoonful of peanut butter on top of their food. The taste will entice them to eat their food, giving them both a sweet flavor and all the nutritional benefits they need! Additional treats to work with include popcorn, coconut, and honey! See what your dog likes the best! 

There are also doggy ice cream products that use organic ingredients as well. Your pup might like a scoop of dog-friendly ice cream on top of their dinner. Just do what it takes to get them eating healthy ingredients! 


Look For Creative Ways To Include Healthy Grains 

Your dog needs a little extra fiber for health and development! Look for dog food brands that you know your dog will love. Then go a step further and see if any contain healthy grains that can help with the fiber needed for health and digestion. Some healthy grains dogs enjoy are rice, quinoa, and oatmeal. 

If you struggle to find dog food with grains, try giving your furry friend a few pieces of bread from time to time. When dishing out scrapes of healthy human foods, always do so in moderation. 


Use Treats As Incentive To Eat Healthy Dog Food

If your dog has difficulty eating the healthy food you make or buy for them, use treats as an incentive. Pick up a bag of dog treats your pal loves, mix them into their food, or train them to eat their food, so they are rewarded with their favorite treat. A few treats are okay if your dog’s diet primarily comprises ideal foods! 


Take Your Dog On A Hike To Stimulate Their Appetite 

After a lot of exercise, your furry friend will likely get pretty hungry! They may be more inclined to eat after an exercise session. See if a hike or long walk around the block helps your dog work up an appetite. Bring their favorite toy to get them excited and interested in playing fetch with you. The more they move, the hungrier they’ll get!

The idea is to get your dog running around to work up a healthy appetite. When hunger strikes, your pal will be more than happy to eat what you give them! It’s not always easy to ensure your furry friend gets the food they need to thrive. There are, however, some tricks you can keep up your sleeve to make it easier for them to chow down on those healthy noshes they need to stay happy and healthy!


Try Out Different Food Strategies And Don’t Give Up

Try to implement these strategies. You’ll eventually find exactly what Sparkly needs to comply with your healthy diet, so don’t give up! In time, you will find foods your doggy adores!

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