Why Make Vet Approved Products?

Products today have ingredient lists that read like science experiments. If you try to look up the side effects of those ingredients, you need a Ph. D to read through all the material.

At Friday's Dog, our mission is to become America's most trusted dog brand for all your dog care needs. That's why, rather than hiding our products' effects on your dog, we wanted to be open and transparent with our customers: dogs and dog owners.

We believe dog health is a critical part of accomplishing our mission. We want you to feel good about the shampoos, treats, and mouth cleansers you give and use on your dog every day.

So, we searched the world for safe yet effective ingredients. Each ingredient was hand-picked to give you and your doggy the best possible experience with the best possible effects. We didn't overlook the ingredients in our treats either, electing to use healthier alternatives. Our treats contain lean proteins and safe, natural preservatives.

But we didn't think it was enough for us to tell you the ingredients are quality because anyone can make big claims about their ingredients. That's why we believe we need dog experts to approve all of our products. With their trust we know we'll have yours.. If experts on dog health didn't want our products on their dogs, then we didn't want to sell them. We've ensured every product we produce goes through our veterinarian, Dr. Lisa Newell. Our signature formulas have each ingredient ensured by Dr. Newell to be safe for use on her own dogs and by extension safe for yours.

"As a practicing veterinarian, I am passionate about educating dog parents to make informed decisions regarding care and nutrition on behalf of their beloved dogs. Happy, healthy dogs make happier, healthier dog parents. Friday's Dog has launched a line of products that I am proud to recommend and use on my own dogs. Quality matters and Friday's Dog delivers." - Dr. Newell

So not only are our ingredients hand-picked by us, but they also go through a rigorous vet approval process. But dog health and safety are more than the effects of the ingredients. It's also about keeping your dog in mind. Ingredients could be effective, safe for dog coats, and make your dog's coat softer than your sheets yet still not remain safe. What happens when your dog gets some product in its mouth or licks at its coat during a bath?

That's why our grooming products are spot-on safe. You can use our products on your dog and not see any coat de-coloration, irritation, or make your dog sick after a few licks. It's all part of our commitment to our mission to see dogs and dog owners get the care they deserve. We also have more information about how to best care for your dog in The Chow. We go into depth on different topics and facts on dogs' health and what's good for your dog's coat. Check back periodically to see more about what research and experts say to take care of your dog. 


Dr. Lisa Newell was born in Santa Monica, CA and expressed an interest in being a veterinarian at a very early age, telling her mother she was going to be a “Doggie-Doctor” at age four. She started in veterinary medicine by volunteering at local animal hospitals when she was just eight years old.

She graduated with an Associates of Arts degree from Ventura College, in Ventura, California. Next was a period spent working at her family restaurant and as a technician at Malibu Coast Animal Hospital, the very hospital she practices at now, and has been a doctor at for the past 25 years.

In 1993, she was accepted to Ross University College of Veterinary Medicine and graduated in 1997 upon the completion of her clinical training at the University of Missouri, Columbia.

Dr. Lisa served as a member of the California Veterinary Medical Board, a 4-year term, having been appointed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. The mission of the Veterinary Medical Board is to protect consumers and animals by regulating licensees, promoting professional standards, and diligent enforcement of the California Veterinary Medicine Practice Act.

For the past 20 years, Dr. Lisa has been a board member for the California Wildlife Center, a non-profit organization that works to rescue, rehabilitate, and release back into the wild, sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife. Dr. Lisa offered veterinary services on a pro bono basis for 5 years prior to the organizations hiring of a full-time veterinarian.

In 2011, Dr. Lisa received a Commendation from the City of Malibu, recognizing her many years of dedicated service to the health and well-being of all creatures in need in Malibu and beyond. She is Malibu Royalty. Her accolades are numerous, having dedicated her life to the protection of animals and children in need.

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