"Our mission is to become America's most trusted dog brand for all your dog care needs."

We want to celebrate dogs everywhere by offering their owners a vast array of superior, innovative, and uncommonly beautiful dog-care products.

Our Values


We understand that quality matters, and our ingredients matter. At Friday's Dog, one of our core values is to give customers products they can trust. To stay true to our values, we dedicated ourselves during our R&D process to ensuring our products were safe for dogs and producing genuine quality products. Yet we didn't want to stop at producing products we thought were genuine quality; we wanted to earn your trust. So, we brought in a doggy expert, and if she didn't want to use our products on her dogs, then we didn't either. With the help of Dr. Lisa Newell, we can guarantee our ingredients are trustworthy and quality.


Friday's Dog is dedicated to higher-quality products that are effective. We want you to have a premium experience with the satisfaction of knowing your dog is getting the best. During our R&D, we scoured the world for the best and most effective ingredients, but you need a goal to know whether your ingredients are effective. That's why we focused on common issues dogs everywhere face: itch-relief, giving coats a silky feel, moisturizing properties, skin protection, brightening coats and more. We also wanted to design products of such high quality that it's equal to what groomers use.

That's why we teamed up with the professional groomer Lucie. She's been grooming since she was 13 years old! By 19, she was already one of the best teachers in the UK, teaching students worldwide. As if that wasn't enough, she also came to the USA to learn and work under top groomer Colin Taylor for 3 months. Her commitment to excellence is why we wanted to work with her. Together, we ensured each product was top quality and effective for day-to-day bathing! With every shampoo and conditioner we launch, we want you to know you're getting groomer quality for at-home use.


On top of providing top-tier quality and service, Friday's Dog as a whole wants to give dogs and their humans authentic care. By authentic care, we mean we want to give dogs and their humans quality products so they can form stronger bonds together. Our products reflect this message. We have treats and grooming products which enable people to connect more with their furry friends! Each product gives dogs a pampering experience, and people can use them to tell their dogs that they love them.


Our founder, David Babaii, tragically passed before he could see Friday's Dog come to life. However, his #1 priority was that he and Friday's Dog make a HUGE difference in the world. So, giving back is the heart and soul of Friday's Dog.. We plan to have a myriad of partners who work to improve the lives of dogs both here in the United States and the rest of the world. The Best Friends Animal Society is our first partner in our journey of giving back. BFAS is an organization that stops all pets from being killed in shelters and gives each animal a forever home. We continue to look for future partnerships and opportunities to give back. If you also want to support our partners and charities we work with to make a difference in the world, check out our partners page and start today!

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