We Are Friday’s Dog

We are a brand for any person who wants to give dogs the very best. We understand that quality matters and we deliver this understanding through highly selective ingredients. At Friday's Dog, one of our core values is to give customers products they can trust and with the help of rock star veterinarian, Dr. Lisa Newell, we can guarantee our ingredients are trusted quality that improves the wellbeing of your dog. 

When dog owners use anything from Friday’s Dog, they will have a premium experience with the satisfaction of knowing their dog is getting the care they deserve.

Why Wholesale for Friday’s Dog?

Make a big difference for all dogs while helping us deliver on our mission to improve the bond between dog and human through our partnership with Best Friends Animals Society. For every bottle sold we are helping a dog in need to give them a chance at a forever home.

BFAS is creating No-Kill Shelters everywhere and is steadily eliminating shelter killing altogether

Supporting us through wholesale means supporting our mission 

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