Friday’s Dog was originally created by Celebrity Hair Stylist David Babaii, who had a client list featuring many of Hollywood’s A-List and a history of successful business partnerships with the likes of Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow. Famous for his love of dogs, David wanted to create a premium Dog Care brand that not only gave dogs the very best, but also gave back to dog’s in need.

After David’s unfortunate and sudden passing in Aug 2021, the team decided to continue their quest in making David’s dream a reality and launched Friday’s Dog in his honor. The company has kept true to David’s vision by also partnering with Best Friends Animal Society by giving back to adoptions and NO kill shelters to give dogs a better chance to find a loving home.

Friday’s Dog has invested over $8m to date with their first 9 products – Topical Shampoos, 1 Mouth Wash and 3 treats, and with over 70 other developments in creation. The company is very excited to showcase 3 years of R&D and launch Friday’s Dog products to everyone who wants to give their Dog’s the very best... and that “Friday Feeling!” Friday’s Dog’s mission is to be America’s Top Trusted Dog Brand for All Dog Care Needs.



A fun-loving Beagle Puppy who loves to explore new things. He is constantly sniffing around for treats.

Favorite Product: 
Snacktabulous™ Chicken & Sweet Potato


Tall, Dark and handsome, this friendly Great Dane loves food, and will do just about anything for a treat (or three).

Favorite Product: 
Snacktabulous™ Dog Treats (all flavors)


A fun, yet sensible Mini bulldog who is very proud of his teeth, and is serious when it come to oral wellness.

Favorite Product: 
Mighty Mouth™ Dog Oral Care


An extremely happy, yet very laid back Golden Retriever who is partial to a quality pampering. She loves a groom session.

Favorite Product:
Oater Coater™ Dog Shampoo


A stunning Siberian Husky who takes great pride in her appearance and likes to stand out in the crowd.

Favorite Product: 
Mega Brilliance™ Dog Shampoo


A lively Bordoodle who is equally happy at home, playing over at the park - or in the bath being groomed.

Favorite Product: 
Oodle Doodler™ 6-in-1 Dog Shampoo

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