Our Commitment to Dogs Everywhere

Friday’s Dog is committed to being a brand for dogs and dog owners. Our mission is to become America’s most trusted dog brand for all your dog care needs and included within the vision of Friday’s Dog is a sincere aim to celebrate dogs everywhere. So, our partners need to have a true heart for loving animals because our current and future partners will help us achieve the objective of our founder: big and lasting change in the world.

Our founder, David Babaii, wanted Friday’s Dog to become more than just an ordinary brand. He wanted his creation to make a big difference in the world. Unfortunately, he tragically passed in September of 2021 and was unable to continue his vision. We at Friday’s Dog decided to carry on but we had to honor what David envisioned for us. That’s why we take our partnerships extremely seriously.

So, we aim to provide quality care for dogs everywhere but most importantly make a big difference in the world with our influence. We believe part of accomplishing this mission is to take care of the ones who need us most, dogs and animals who need to find a home.


We’re proud to partner with Best Friends Animal Society, a quality organization with people who love animals as much as us. BFAS, like us, believes that every animal deserves a chance at life.

Their commitment to quality homes and no-kill shelters are both big goals. However like us, they seek to go beyond and create real change. Their mission and tagline are to “save them all.” What grander aspiration and vision could an organization have? But they don’t just leave their mission at an abstract vision; they take real action to make their ideas a reality. When BFAS first started, they were just a small crew in 1984, but now they have a network of over 3200 shelter partners. Their partners created lasting change through their over 35 years of service. BFAS helped reduce animals killed in shelters from 17,000,000 to around 625,000 in 2019 and then 347,000 in 2020.

Even in recent years, they’ve had real progress in helping animals. In 2016, they had the rather ambitious goal for United States’ shelters to all be no-kill by the end of 2025. Even though that sounds impossible, they’ve already reduced the number of animals killed in shelters every year by 58% all the way down to 347,000. Their final goal of making sure no pets are killed in shelters by 2025 is ambitious but possible with the help of the public. With your help, they may accomplish their goal even faster! If you’re interested in further supporting our partner, you can find more information here.

This partnership with BFAS is just one step towards the goal of making lasting change for animals. So, to honor Babaii and to make lasting changes in the lives of dogs and animals everywhere, we’re proud to partner with BFAS. As part of our partnership together, we’re committed to providing resources we believe will make big changes in the world.

For every bottle of dog shampoo or conditioner sold, we are committed to washing a dog and changing their life by providing a forever home. Each sale gives the Best Friends Animal Society resources to help dogs find families, changing the lives of both dogs and dog owners.

We look forward to creating new partnerships and new initiatives that help dogs and dog owners everywhere! If you’re interested in working with us to create initiatives for lasting change, you can contact us here.

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