Compensation For Your Diligence

Affiliates ensure quality products and services go to the people who need them, your audience deserves the best of the best after all. Though some companies claim to respect their affiliates, they don’t compensate their partners for the hard work their partners do on behalf of both the company and everyday people.

We respect the audience you’ve built and the equipment you need to continue to build your brand and support your audience. Everyone at Friday’s Dog wants to take care of and support our affiliates who make sure customers get the best of the best. That’s why we’re offering an industry-leading 12% commission on new and existing customer orders. 

Your premium work and dedication to your audience deserve a premium in return.

We want to support you!  

You believe the our products are great, and we do too. But convincing your audience that they’re worth investing in and that you’ve partnered with us because you genuinely believe in the product can be difficult, which is why our partners can also receive creative assets upon request. We want to help share our and your story. 

You’ll also receive a contact email so, if you have any questions, we’ve got your back.

Why Work With Friday’s Dog?

Our Founder, David Babaii, tragically passed in August 2021 but he wanted Friday’s Dog to make a big difference for our furry friends all over the world.

To honor that mission, we want to help give dogs everywhere a forever home and that starts with our partnership with BFAS. The Best Friends Animal Society is creating No-Kill Shelters all over the world and they’re just the first of many partners we hope to support in the future.

Supporting us with your partnership means helping make a difference.

Apply Today!

It’s free and we’d be happy to work with you. If you meet the standard of quality we expect for our dog care, then we would love for you to use your voice to share our story. 

Read our terms and apply here

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