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Our commitment to excellence means achieving the same quality as the experts. Not only did we check in with doggy health experts, veterinarians, but we also checked in with the hair specialists.

Our groomer, Lucie, ensures each ingredient and effect is up to the same quality top groomers would use! She started grooming at the age of 13 in London, England, and by 19 she was already one of the best teachers in the UK! Her teachings had a significant impact as she had students worldwide who later became experts themselves.

In 2000, she worked with the top groomer in the USA, Colin Taylor, for 3 months and helped run his salon on Hilton Head Island. Eventually, she created her own grooming shops, creating her first in 2005. After 6 years, she decided to go even bigger and created Lucie's Barkingham Palace in Malvern, PA. And she, like us, spends a lot of her free time doing rescue work with animals!

She's been a groomer for as long as she can remember and stands amongst the best. Her commitment to excellence helped us find the best ingredients and create the best experience for your fuzzy friend!

Quality Ingredients

Not every dog's coat is the same. Some dogs have luscious curls that need detanglers to bring out their best look, and others have bright coats which start to lose their original luster. As dirt and grime get into your dog's coat, bright coats can become yellow and dingy. Some dogs have sensitive skin which is susceptible to allergens and shampoo ingredients. Once we started making grooming products, we knew we needed to keep your dog in mind.

To start our journey, we did over 2 years of R&D to find the right ingredients for the job. What ingredients have the best moisturizing properties or protect skin from UV rays? For example, we use ingredients like moringa oil and oatmeal to moisturize dry coats and skin so your doggy will feel fresh and stay smooth. Another powerful natural ingredient we use is silk protein. Silk proteins give your dog's coat a silky feel so they can go around feeling clean and refreshed.

We also know that creating a great product isn't just what you put in but what you leave out. We left out sulfates that dry out your dog's coat and can leave them itchy. Not all ingredients are created equal, and we wanted to give your dog the best. Whatever your dog's unique makeup is, we've designed shampoos just for them!

Spa Inspired Comfort

We wanted to keep your dog in mind when we made our products. Whether they like to swim so much they're essentially furry fish, or they're water averse, our grooming products have a soothing touch. 

We even created a conditioner so you could replace the oils your dog loses during bath time. After all not all oils are harmful! Your dog naturally produces some oils that help moisturize your dog's coat. After a nice moisturizing bath, your dog should feel smooth and comfy!

So try out Friday's Dog quality and experience that Friday Feeling! If you want to know more about the health effects of our ingredients, check out our Vet-approved section so you can learn more about what goes into caring for your dog.

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