do healthy dog treats matter
Do Healthy Dog Treats Matter?

Dogs seem to eat everything. Just like raccoons jumping into your trash, it looks like your dog is ready to chow down on anything you give them with extreme enthusiasm. So when you give your dog treats, you have every reason to think anything will do. When you go to the sto...

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ways to feed your dog healthier food
Easy Ways to Feed a Dog Healthier Food

Every now and then, you’ll probably succumb to feeding your dog a few nibbles of human food. Honestly, it has got to be impossible to say no to those adorable doggy eyes! Still, while your pup might enjoy those tasty scraps in the moment, these foods are not ideal for your ...

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ways to keep your dog happy and healthy
Top tips for keeping your dog healthy and happy

If you’re a dog owner, we’re sure you already know the most important priority: keeping your dog healthy and happy. Sometimes, especially if you’re a first-time pet parent, that can be easier said than done. All of our furry friends are different and have individual demeano...

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people food you can feed your dog
5 best things you can feed your dog (besides kibble)

You’ve been doing some research on your dog’s diet, and you’ve decided to give your pooch a dinner upgrade. There are lots of different diet fads out there for people and dogs are no different. To help simplify your doggy diet, we’re going to help you find a few applicable ...

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