What Causes Itchy Skin for Dogs and Way's to Beat the Itch

what causes itchy skin for dogs

You’ve noticed an odd tic in your dog. A few scratches are no big deal, but your dog just keeps going and going. Your dog can have the best health, and you can give it regular exercise. But you can still observe some health problems with your fuzzy friend. And few conditions are as common in dogs as itchy skin. What are common causes of itchy skin, and what can you do about it?


Allergic Reactions

Allergic reactions cause several weird problems in dogs. One of the most common is itchy skin. The problem is figuring out where the allergic reaction is coming from. Is your dog allergic to its food? Or is pollen or other irritants the issue? It can even be the shampoo you’re using. If your dog has an allergic reaction after changing its food source, you may need to visit the vet to figure out the problem.

But before you go! Try out Oatmeal or puppy shampoos to see if the issue is the shampoos you’re currently using or irritants from outside. The problems may subside after using gentle shampoos to get pollen and dirt out of its coat.


Fleas and Other Pests

Fleas and ticks are the worst! They are among the most common reasons your dog is scratching away. The only at-home solution that works consistently is prevention. Most topical applications work exceptionally well to keep fleas and ticks off your dog’s coat. Make sure you only apply a little bit the first time and wait to see if your dog is allergic to the topical treatment. An allergic reaction to the topical treatment will only get you exactly where you started: a dog with itchy skin.

But once your dog has them, you need to do something about the pests, or they will start biting you too. You will most likely need to go to a special groomer or vet to get special shampoos that get the fleas off your dog. Or even have the groomer get them off for you. You want to get rid of the fleas quickly because they can quickly start laying eggs on your floors.



Another outside reason for your dog nibbling or scratching away at his skin is pain. Dog’s reaction to a painful wound or skin condition is consistent. Still, it’s easy to confuse it with other itchy skin conditions. If you see a dog start to limp as well, then that’s a sign your dog’s itching and scratching probably came from pain.

It might not necessarily be pain either. Dogs can have unhealthy coping mechanisms for stress, just like us. They can sometimes scratch and bite their skin as a sign of stress. Whether it’s from separation anxiety or loud booms of thunder, your dog may resort to scratching its skin. You can personally train this out of your dog or get a professional to help. It's best to act before the problem starts leaving scratches and hair loss issues on your dog’s skin.


Dry Skin

But, many dogs don’t have an allergic reaction, pain, or fleas. They have dry skin! Dry, flaky skin can cause dogs to have a massive itching problem which may also cause them to scratch to damage their sensitive skin. Dry skin can be caused by nutrient deficiencies. But assuming you’ve already checked your dog’s diet, the most likely cause is simply dry skin. And the only solution for dry skin is moisturizing!

The number 1 dog coat moisturizing ingredient you can use is oatmeal. Skin can be itchy if it’s dry, and if dry skin is inflamed, it will get even worse. Oatmeal is an excellent moisturizer, and it has anti-inflammatory properties. These make oatmeal the go-to option for itchy skin. Using oatmeal shampoo consistently with a grooming routine should improve your dog’s dry and itchy skin.


Itch Be Gone

There are a lot of skin irritants in the world that can cause itchy skin in dogs. Your doggy may be suffering from several different irritants or just dry skin. Regardless, sensitive and moisturizing shampoos should soothe dry, itchy skin in your dog. If your dog doesn’t see improvement within a few weeks, consult a vet, so the problem doesn’t persist. But addressing these causes should leave your dog with a soft and moisturized coat.

So, get rid of itching by scrubbing with an oatmeal shampoo or get rid of those ticks with a little extra help. Whatever the problem is, we’re glad we could help you on your journey to help your furry friend feel a little better.

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