7 main groups of dogs
What are the 7 Main Groups of Dogs? Part II

Last time we looked at some smaller and less active dogs. Little guys like pugs who aren't known for their cardio nor breath control. And that's not even including the non-sporting dogs who are quite literally not intended for sport. So while all dogs are active, those last...

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do healthy dog treats matter
Do Healthy Dog Treats Matter?

Dogs seem to eat everything. Just like raccoons jumping into your trash, it looks like your dog is ready to chow down on anything you give them with extreme enthusiasm. So when you give your dog treats, you have every reason to think anything will do. When you go to the sto...

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how much exercise does your dog need
How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need?

Dogs want to be in motion! Especially when they're young. This becomes increasingly obvious the longer you own a young doggy. But it might not be as obvious how much they need. If you're a puppy owner, we're here to help you figure out how much exercise your dog needs. But ...

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what to do when your dog is aggressive during grooming
What to Do When Your Dog is Aggressive During Grooming

Dogs are generally gentle creatures, but some are bred as protection dogs meant to protect you from those who want to harm you. For the most part, many dogs are gentle and otherwise docile. At least until they get stressed. There is a reason for the famous phrase "fight or ...

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how often should i wash my indoor dog
How Often Should I wash my Indoor Dog?

You’ve got a cute little (or not so little) indoor dog that you love. And somedays it smells like roses and sunshine, and on other days……not so much. But most of the time, you may find your dog to have no discernible smell impact on the house. Since your dog remains inside ...

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playing with your hunting dog
How to Play with your Dogs Inner Huntsman

There's no doubt that our dogs have an innate, undomesticated side. This side is evident when we see them playing. Many dog owners find it entertaining to watch their dog's inner huntsman, but many of us don't know that we can play with this side of our furry friends. <...

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7 main groups of dogs
What are the 7 Main Groups of Dogs? Part I

There are many kinds of dogs out there. Breeds of all temperaments, shapes, colors and more are increasingly unique. And different dog breeds can combine to make increasingly complex dog breeds. Even without mixing breeds, dogs can have a wide array of complexity. A dog can...

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how to clean my dogs ears
How to Clean my Dog's Ears

Dogs are known for being a man's best friend, and part of that friendship is taking care of them. This includes ensuring they are clean and healthy, and one area that often goes overlooked is their ears. This article will discuss five tips on properly cleaning your ...

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how to keep my dog cool in the summer
How to Keep my Dog Cool in the Summer

You probably already have some tricks to keep yourself cool during the summer, but your pup needs your help to do the same! It can seem like a lot to manage when your furry friend has a lot of fur and energy and you have little time in the day! Thankfully, there are ways th...

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ways to feed your dog healthier food
Easy Ways to Feed a Dog Healthier Food

Every now and then, you’ll probably succumb to feeding your dog a few nibbles of human food. Honestly, it has got to be impossible to say no to those adorable doggy eyes! Still, while your pup might enjoy those tasty scraps in the moment, these foods are not ideal for your ...

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