Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Dog's Breath

how to improve dogs breath

It’s another great day to be alive! At least it was until with all the love in his/her heart your furry friend breathes a mightily foul odor into your face. In desperation, you began scouring for odor deterrents. We at Friday’s dog have a few tips to improve doggy breath so your nose can exist in peace.

Teeth brushing

The first line of defense against devastating doggy breath is brushing. Brushing is the first line of defense because the most common reason for bad breath is bacteria which is in the dog’s mouth. A little elbow grease and gentle bristles will help clean its mouth and have at least a more fresh-smelling scent. And don’t use the toothpaste you use. Some toothpaste brands contain the ingredient xylitol which is toxic to dogs.

And unfortunately, your dog is not going to cooperate if you only brush when that breath smells unbearably bad.  Your dog will only cooperate if you brush as part of a routine. You may also have to start thinking a little counter-intuitively. When your dog gets resistant to the brush, give it treats when it sits still for a while. It might not get rid of the smell quite as quickly, but it will help your four-legged friend cooperate for a longer amount of time. Eventually, you can consider upgrading to a curved or finger brush that can more easily reach other parts of its mouth. Finger brushes are a little easier to use but might prove less effective.

Chew toys

Chew toys are a pleasant self-cleaning option. That’s right! You can con your dog into taking care of their teeth on their own. Chewing helps prevent plaque and tartar build-up. Chew toys make a great option for fun and keep your dog entertained as they clean their teeth. You will need to supplement chew toys with other dental options as a chew toy alone will not prevent tartar. But it will certainly help mitigate mouth care problems. Plus, it might even help them get some of their energy out on their own too.

A little creativity with Plants

Dogs aren’t pure carnivores. That doesn’t mean you’ll find your dog sneaking off and attacking the nearest source of broccoli. But your dog can and will eat certain plants and fruits given the opportunity. Particularly large dogs can even eat oranges which have a uniquely strong citrus scent. But be careful with what fruits you give your dog. Our furry friends aren’t meant to have a steady diet of high sugar content. Too much sugar can make your dog sick!

Other options are herbs. It would be smart to check with a vet before feeding your dog any plant but this is especially true of herbs. But, here are some generally good options for bad doggie breath. It’s doubtful you’ll be seeing too many ginger-based perfumes in the future, but your dog’s terrible breath can see some improvement from some ginger. Other options are parsley and rosemary, but they might already be present in your dog’s food.

Dental Spray/Water Additive

It’s extremely important to take care of your dog’s mouth health before it turns into something more serious. But also brushing after a long day at work is exhausting. By far the easiest and fastest working option is a water additive. Water additives are kind of like mouthwash for dogs which makes them simple and easy to use. You just put some in your dog’s water and you’re all done. They do all the swishing around themselves which takes the hassle out of caring for that mouth. If you do use a dental spray, make sure to change your dog’s water every day for maximum effectiveness.

Go to the vet

So, you’ve tried everything and it’s just not working. Bad breath is rarely but possibly a sign of liver or digestive problems. In the event your methods to get rid of bad breath aren’t working, our recommendation is to seek out a licensed veterinarian. It could be a little tedious to go to the vet for such a benign problem, but it could help your dog feel better. Most of the digestive or liver problems that cause bad breath are easily treated quickly and your doggie can get rid of that crummy breath in no time.

Give it a go

These all will have varying levels of success until you fully diagnose the problem. Whether it’s killing or preventing bad mouth bacteria or helping your doggie’s gut, you and your furry family should see some life improvements from these methods. Try them out and see if they work for you. Eventually, your dog should give you a bright white smile again. And one that doesn’t smell like your garbage.

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