The best dog shampoo ingredients for your pup's sensitive skin

The best dog shampoo ingredients for your pup's sensitive skin

Whether you care for your dog’s hygiene by going to the groomers every week or waiting until they’re definitely ready for a bath, make sure that the shampoo ingredients your dog is exposed to are safe and beneficial to its skin. Not only can the right ingredients add to the look and feel of your pup's fur, but they can also support healthy skin, kill harmful bacteria, and aid in flea and tick treatments. The right ingredients for your pup’s bath time are super important, especially if it has sensitive skin.

You may already know the basics about dog shampoo, i.e., (rinsing your pup with water before applying shampoo or conditioner, avoiding artificial fragrances and perfumes, and not using shampoos with dyes). But, you may not be aware of the best ingredients to look for in dog shampoo. The last thing you want is for your pup to suffer from irritation because of harsh ingredients. By becoming an informed pup parent, you can prevent unnecessary rashes and itchiness within your fur baby’s coat.

Below are the top 4 best ingredients in dog shampoo for pups with sensitive skin. Whether your dog needs to fight off bacteria and bugs or to relax in a moisture-rich wash, these ingredients are the real deal.

Omega-full Camelina Oil

Camelina oil is a byproduct of pressed Camelina Sativa seeds. Camila oil is often considered an alternative to fish oil, as it is rich in omegas for healthy skin. The pressed oil is heavy in omega and vitamin E, two components that improve the quality and shelf-life of the oil.

The omega-3s are beneficial to dogs as they support coat shine, reduce the amount of shedding, and create the foundation for healthy skin. Dog grooming companies need to include this must-have ingredient in their shampoo.

Marshmallow Root

An ancient herb used for many purposes, marshmallow root, is a natural healer for people and animals. Marshmallow root contains a substance that aids in the healing of irritated skin, supporting the health of your dog’s skin. The mucilage within the herb has a gelatinous texture, making it ideal for soothing and moisturizing your dog’s coat.

Marshmallow root is also considered an anti-inflammatory agent, which may help your dog become less susceptible to itchiness and swelling. The herb further helps through its antimicrobial properties, helping to keep bacteria away with every wash. Any cuts or skin inflammation can be soothed with marshmallow root, leaving your pup with greater comfort and healthier skin. Natural paw blemishes as your dog ages can also be reduced and soothed using this versatile herb in your dog shampoo for sensitive skin. If you notice your puppy's paws are red, marshmallow root can effectively soothe the inflammation in their paws.

Soothing Moringa Oil

You might have heard about moringa as a superfood for your consumption, but did you know it can also be used in safe dog shampoo for sensitive skin? Moringa oil as dog shampoo for sensitive skin provides moisture for dry or sensitive skin and especially supports dogs with long hair.

It is naturally flea-repellant and helps to maintain the health and shine of their coats. Moringa extract is gentle enough for puppies. It can also soothe dry skin and cleanse any debris residing in the deeper layers of the fur.

Silk Proteins

Silk proteins are beneficial for dog hair in that they add natural shine, protect against tearing and breakage, and lock in moisture for an extended amount of time, keeping your pup comfortable and less itchy. Silk proteins are a top ingredient to look for in your dog shampoo for sensitive skin, as they support topical treatments for fleas and ticks.

Silk proteins can also be used as a detangler for pups with matted or long fur. Silk proteins are a safe ingredient in dog shampoos for sensitive skin, and can be applied on puppies eight weeks old and up!

Do’s and Don'ts of Dog Shampoo

Your pup deserves the best possible dog shampoo for sensitive skin out there. Ideally, you want a dog shampoo that provides a combination of natural ingredients to best support your pup’s skin and coat.

A dog shampoo for sensitive skin that contains such formulas is hard to beat as these provide a balance of protection, nourishment, and restoration… all things that your pup needs to thrive! Also, make sure to condition your pup’s coat after shampooing! Dogs with particularly dry skin could benefit from conditioners that offer a blend of essential vitamins A, B, D and E!

Look for conditioners with oatmeal to soothe and treat itchy, dry skin. They should also have a complex formula of essentials like proteins, vitamins, and fatty acids. These combinations ensure that your pup gets the most moisture and protection as possible in their dog shampoo for sensitive skin! Don’t forget to towel-dry and comb out their fur when they’re all done!

Avoid parabens and sulfates to be mindful of your pet’s sensitive skin when you shop for shampoo options. Always choose dog shampoos that are safe for dogs!

Give Your Pup Some Love

Finding the right dog shampoo for sensitive skin is critical! Give your pup some much-needed TLC with these ingredients during bath time. They are sure to provide your pup’s fur with clean, moisturized, and soothed skin without exposure to harmful chemicals and ingredients.

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