How to Keep Your Sporting Dog Calm

how to keep your sporting dog calm

Dogs are progressively more docile as they are bred to stick around our homes, and some are bred to be laid back on purpose. Many toy dogs couldn’t have a care in the world as long as they are held. And several “non-sporting” dogs are happy just to be a companion. Doggy living has never been more laid back. 

But some dogs never entirely lost their sporty and hunting dog skills. Lean and athletic, many of these dogs have special needs in comparison to sleepy little lap dogs.



Your dog could use extra exercise when it’s one of the sporting dog breeds. They have more energy reserves than their smaller counterparts or other large house dogs. They were bred for hunting and other sport. Without a healthy outlet for their hunting prowess, they’ll use it in unhealthy ways.

Many dogs with enormous energy reserves get destructive really quickly. Even non-hunting types who are ordinarily incredibly kind can get rambunctious without exercise.

And that doesn’t even get into the health downsides of not exercising your dog. Dogs who sit around have a higher chance of heart disease and obesity, and their joints don’t stay up to par and just feel crummier overall. So, if you want your sporting dog to stay calm, you have to exercise it.



Give your dog lots of friends. Whether it’s people or a dog park, or a new housemate. Socializing can help get out a dog’s extra energy in its reserves.

And if your sporting dog is anxious, socializing can be a big help. It especially helps with clinginess.

So go to a dog park or even go to a dog park with ample space to run around. Your dog will get the benefits of socializing and exercise. As long as you keep an eye on your dog, it should have a good time. If you don’t know where to start looking for a dog park, check out our guide on finding the best dog park. And to make sure your dog has the best time possible, watch its body language or it may get bullied or be the bully.


Good foods

Feeding a sporting dog is even more important. They burn more calories and are usually bigger dogs that need more exercise. Keeping on top of its diet can help keep your dog from becoming a little ball of destruction.

It’ll also help with any anxiety problems your little pooch has.

Keeping nutritional foods around. You can get nutritional dog food and supplement it with extra lean proteins like chicken, salmon, and peanut butter. But be careful which peanut butters you buy because they can have a high glycemic index depending on which kind you get. Some peanut butter has lots of extra sugar, which can upset your dog’s stomach.

A healthy diet will keep your dog feeling well and ready for the day. Rather than munching on your couch, they’ll take a nice nap after their walk.


Personal Time

Your dog might just miss you! After all, dogs can only be alone for so long in the day before they get anxious. Anxious doggies are often rowdy doggies. This is especially important if you work long hours and there isn’t anyone at home to spend time with your furry friend. When you return from work, spend some time playing with your dog and interacting with it. Let it relax with you or tell it about how Martha fell into the grass at work.

Whatever you decide to do with your doggy, spending more with it should help keep destructive tendencies down. It will also help them relax.



Your furry bundle of joy may have been a terror for a while. Whether tearing up the house, the yard or simply having huge energy bursts, your little guy has been more than a handful. But, with a bit of extra exercise and some TLC, your dog should start to calm down. Even with the sporty energy and excellent cardio, sporting dogs eventually hit a wall like every other animal. 

So, with some patience and watching your dog (or dogs) take a few laps around the yard, you should notice a big difference! As a more informed doggy owner, you’ll have an easier time managing doggy time. Your sporting doggy may become more of a napping or lap-sitting dog once you’ve worn it out.

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