Snacktabulous™ Alaskan Salmon Jerky Dog Treats


Snacktabulous™ Alaskan Salmon Jerky Dog Treats

Product description
  • Promotes heart health and anti-inflammatory

  • Veterinarian approved

  • Naturally preserved using Mixed Tocopherols

Product Description

Our Snacktabulous treats are the tail-waggiest in town. As part of our initial Snacktabulous line, we present to you our Alaskan Salmon Jerky. These are our best dog treats for your doggy’s heart because salmon promotes heart health and function. Salmon promotes heart-healthy in your dog through the power of its oils that contain Omega 3 protein! 

The omega-3 in salmon helps balance your dog's protein intake and that balance directly impacts fur and skin health, which means a nourishing protein diet is also a nourishing fur and skin diet. 

Thanks to the salmon, these treats are also lean! Containing only 7% crude fat per serving, these lean treats are perfect for a little athlete or a low-movement fuzzy potato. While our jerky has less fat than other treats, it’s still tasty! Healthier treats shouldn’t mean tasteless treats. 

Our Alaskan Salmon Jerky comes with our signature Friday’s Dog tail-wagging guarantee!



Ingredients: Salmon, Chicken, Soy Protein, Brewer's Dried Yeast, Natural Liquid Smoke Flavor, Vegetable Glycerin, Salt, Paprika Extract, Beet Powder, Rosemary Extract. Preservatives: Potassium Sorbate and Mixed Tocopherols.


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