Puppy Wuppy™ Puppy Shampoo


Puppy Wuppy™ Puppy Shampoo

Product description
  • Gentler formula for sensitive skin and young puppies

  • Gentle, pH-balanced formula, and veterinarian approved

  • Paraben-free, sulfate-free, and cruelty-free


The best shampoos make no compromises. Our Puppy Wuppy shampoo means business!…..gentle business. Hypoallergenic, tear-less, and fragrance-less, Puppy Wuppy shampoo brings the potency of the best dog shampoos out there with the tenderness of baby shampoo. No allergic reactions during bath time. No built-in fear from your dog because your dog's eyes burn during bath time. And no fragrances so dog doesn’t burn their sensitive skin. We wanted only the best salon-quality products to give to your doggy, and Puppy Wuppy is the best pampering shampoo a puppy could ask for!

If your dog rashes easily, they needy gentle ingredients that don’t irritate their sensitive skin. So, we’ve unleashed nature’s power with our signature combination of camelina oil, marshmallow root, moringa oil, and a finishing touch: silk proteins.

Our signature combination gives you the benefits you’ve come to know and love: anti-inflammatories, powerful cleaning, protectant, and gentle. But these effects are enhanced with the addition of silk protein(s). Silk protein(s) is formed by converting silk from the cocoon of silkworms, and these silkworms give the silk their unique properties. Silk protein promotes cell repair and regeneration. And it doesn’t just help repair cells. These protein(s) help prevent damage from UV rays. Silk protein(s) are also a natural exfoliant that helps keep your puppy’s skin smooth.

Puppy Wuppy shampoo practices what only the very best dog shampoos do: targeting. This shampoo is designed for puppies older than 8 weeks and it’s also great for older dogs with extra delicate skin. If other shampoos are too abrasive for your doggy, our Puppy Wuppy shampoo is your go-to gentle solution.

So, get some hypo-allergenic shampoo for your pup so you can soothe their skin and give it a little bit of that “Friday Feeling." Smells and tough skin begone!


Water, Proprietary Surfactant Blend, Preservative, Tetrasodium EDTA, Camelina Oil, Moringa Oil, Marshmallow Root, DL-Panthenol, Silk Proteins, Color. 

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