Snacktabulous™ Chicken Breast and Sweet Potato Fillet Dog Treats


Snacktabulous™ Chicken Breast and Sweet Potato Fillet Dog Treats

Product description
  • Great Source of Protein and Fiber

  • Veterinarian Approved

  • Naturally Preserved Using Mixed Tocopherols

Product Description

Ready for a Snacktabulous time? Pamper your pooch with something a little extra tasty today. These treats are made with an addictive combination. When tender and juicy chicken breast meets nutritious soft sweet potatoes, it’s a match made in heaven. The fillets are soft and easy to eat But there’s just the right amount of chew. While the flavors melt in your dog’s mouth. 

Treats shouldn’t crush your dog’s diet either. Which is why we chose a chicken and sweet potato combination. 

Chicken helps the crude fat % of this protein delight low. Coming in at just 2% crude fat, your doggy will stay a lean machine. Since these treats are healthier, they’ll help your dog keep a proper diet. Which also keeps your dog’s joints happy and healthy! 

And these healthier treats are still tasty! We didn’t want a proper diet to mean your dog loses that Friday Feeling.  What keeps these treats tasty while still being healthy is all in the ingredients. We don’t use flavorings to get that chicken flavor. It’s 100% real chicken breast in every treat and 100% real potatoes in every bite. We don’t like artificial flavors in our food so why should they be in our dogs? 

We only use natural preservatives in our Snacktabulos line. So, in this batch, we use Mixed Tocos to preserve your doggy’s treats and keep them as good eats. These naturally occurring preservatives don’t have as long of shelf life. But in exchange, they’re actually okay for your dog to eat, and dare we even say nutritious too!

Grain-free, low in fat, a great source of protein, and even a source of fiber, these chicken & sweet potato fillets are second-to-none.

Get your dog some lean chicken combined with the nutritional power of sweet potatoes.

Chicken is a doggy delicacy. Truly Delicious chicken cooked to perfection with [creamy] sweet potatoes. Both filleted to perfection. 


So get some chicken and potatoes today! It comes with our signature Friday’s Dog tail-wagging guarantee.

Ingredients:  Chicken Breast, Sweet Potatoes, Distilled Vinegar, Salt, Dried Propionibacterium Freundenreichii Fermentation Product. Preservative: Mixed Tocopherols


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