Groomer Gallons Program: Spa-Sized Oodle Doodler

$232.00 $340.00 -32% OFF


Oodle Doodler All-In-On Wash Starter Pack

Groomer Gallons Program: Spa-Sized Oodle Doodler

$232.00 $340.00


Oodle Doodler All-In-On Wash Starter Pack
Product description

You told us, so we listened...

Now more tail-wagging in larger spa-sized gallon bottles! 

We're excited to present the waitlist to our Groomer Gallons Program and Spa-Sized Wash Collection*. Now your clients can enjoy our luxurious washes so more dogs can get that Friday's Dog feeling all day, every day!

We want to ensure that our partners enjoy Friday's Dog as much as their clients.
So we've created the Groomer Gallons program to help introduce our stellar products with marketing support, incentives that reduce cost, sales boost support, and superior product quality that will build up and maintain your loyal client base.

Sounds pretty tail-wagging good right?

Pre-order before our Fall release for a special Early Pup Discount of up to 35% off. 

While you can buy individual gallon-sized by the bottle, the starter kit offers incentives for subscription refill orders and special discount rates for retail bottles to sell in store and at a more discounted base rate.

It's a hat trick of benefits for small - medium sized businesses that prioritize dog wellness and quality grooming care!

The Starter Pack includes one of each Spa-Sized specialty wash, a Spa-Sized Conditioner, a retail case of each featured wash and conditioner PLUS a case of Puppy Wuppy and our novel oral care water additive, Mighty Mouth.  


*Note: exact packaging may not be available at time of order

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